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Communilab is for its members. It is a new online network to bring the sectors together to ask, answer and share information to help support young people. And in doing so, support all the parents and employers whose lives are intertwined. On this blog, we will be discussing issues as wide ranging as:
Online bullying
Careers advice
Mental health

Matthew Taylor of the RSA, in the keynote address, described the internet as a social technology and the most powerful source of creativity in human history. He described organisations that work well as being "creative communities with a cause". Communilab is assembling a community - based in Surrey - with the well-being of young people as its cause. 

Welcome to our brand new website. I am excited and proud to be bringing such an innovative project to Surrey on behalf of the well-established, and well-respected, Surrey Youth Focus. With a membership reach of 100,000 young people in the county, Surrey Youth Focus has the connections to kick start this network.

We've launched a brand new website, designed and developed by the team over at Creativitea.


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