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New research from Sport England has identified that swimming as a sport is in decline and that there is a

According to an Oxfam report, the wealthiest 1% will soon own more than the rest of the world's population. 

Young volunteers played a central role in dealing with Christmas floods in a Surrey Village. "Brockham Emergency Response Team" included members of Young Farmers who used pedal go-karts to deliver sandbags and later helped clear drainage culverts to reduce risk of further flooding. Living in a flood-prone area, the community team now has water pumps, jetting and camera equipment.

Forty percent of parents worry about their children's mental health, and this is more than any other health issue.

We are a Guildford-based youth charity and we are seeking design help to produce infographics to promote our work. The role would be ideal for a student who is seeking work experience. Work with us for a couple of hours per week and see your name in lights! You can reproduce the graphics in your portfolio to demonstrate real world use of your work.

The more that I think about the problems that we face, big or small, the more that I believe that collaboration is the answer. Get, say, five very different people in a room and you get not only five different brains, but also the different perspectives, knowledge, connections, energy and resources that they all have access to.

Healthwatch Surrey and Surrey Youth Focus have recently conducted research which found that young people are very concerned about bullying in school/college.Bullying triggers a chain that leads to isolation, loneliness, depression and self-harming or other destructive behaviours such as excessive alcohol consumption. Young people think that education and health services greatly under-estimate the extent and impact of this bullying. To what extent does this ‘ring true’ with your own experiences?

One of our employees is struggling to find support for 12 year old son who is suffering from anxiety and panic attacks related to school. What support is available? Posted by a Member Company HR

I want to find industry placements for 10 of my Travel and Tourism students for 2 days per week for 3 months. They are aged 16. Posted by College Tutor

We want to encourage youth social action – either volunteering, campaigning or fund-raising to develop our students’ soft skills and employability. If you are a charity, please get in touch with your suggestions, we’d love to hear. Posted by a University


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